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Pizza anyone?

--by lewski711, posted Jun 5, 2019
I have to share with you the wonderful kindness of others in my community.

I am an elementary school teacher and I run a program called Improvement Week where my students focus on individual self-improvement and I surprise them with goodies that I get donated from local companies.

I got an envelope in the mail today from a local pizza place that usually donates a large pizza every year, but the envelope was opened and empty. It appeared that someone took the certificate.

I didn't feel right asking the restaurant for another, seeing that the first one was probably going to be used by someone. So, I posted online on a community page asking if anyone might have a pizza gift card that they were gifted, but has been collecting dust, and if they might want to donate it in lieu of the missing gift certificate.

Within a couple of hours I had a few people who wanted to donate money for pizza...even after the first one was paid for by someone else.

They all wanted to support my program, my students and me. It felt terrific!!!

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leoladyc728 wrote: wonderful news. those kids deserved that pizza
Mish wrote: So many kind people in our world ❤️ 🍕
mindyjourney wrote: When we reach out, so many are there to help! 🍕
maria_clara wrote: there is still hope ...:) yes!
DANCE wrote: all the kind people around :-)

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