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Women Of Influence

--by TC, posted May 10, 2019

When we think of the term women of Influence what comes to our mind? Are they women who have social  tatus and power, whose work brings about great changes for their communities, countries and the world? As women of influence their work is important.

There are other women of influence whose roles are equally as important but often go unnoticed in social media. The roles our mothers, grandmothers, sisters, aunts, friends and mentors play in our lives, influencing the people we’ve grown to be. These women also lead by example with love, resilience, strength, gentleness and vulnerability. They made and continue to make personal sacrifices so that we continue to flourish.

There are many women in my life who have helped me grow into the woman I am today. First and foremost my Mom, whose strength and courage showed me how to be strong and courageous too. My memories of her still fill me with love andinspiration. My maternal grandmother taught me by example, how to age gracefully while continuing to stay connected to the world around her even when she became housebound.

I am blessed with many friends of all ages, who share my joys, my sorrows, celebrated my strengths as well as my weaknesses. Without the influence of all these women in my life I would not be the woman I am today. For each and every one of these beautiful women, I am deeply grateful for their wisdom, love and guidance along my life journey.

I would like to wish all the women of the world a Happy Mother’s day. You make a difference to the men, women and children who come into contact with you each and every day. No matter what your role is, you are a woman of influence. 
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drjoybug wrote: wonderful reminder
Mish wrote: Grateful for all the women of “influence”. Bless all.
mindyjourney wrote: Such dear spirits, our mothers 💐. Thank you for the repost, dear TC.
cabbage wrote: What a beautiful tribute--thanks so much for sharing

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