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Vision Cards

--by scully, posted Jun 20, 2019
I love making “vision cards” as I call them. My friend was in a dark place, addictions had taken over his life. I loved him from a distance, and sent him vision cards here and there. He is sober now and had kept a card I made 18 years ago! I was really moved. I never knew it meant anything, cause he never told me. Kindness may not be acknowledged in the moment, but it’s all about planting seeds, and one day many years later it shall bloom. Blessings.
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rickhiker wrote: A good message, kindness is never forgotten.
kjoyw wrote: Beautiful, heartfelt share. Thank you. πŸ™
DANCE wrote: Ohhh bless you both, wonderful!
AndiCas wrote: What a beautiful discovery! We never know how much a small action will affect another.
Basketball24 wrote: Something similar happened to me... I gave my friend a gift where there are envelopes telling you when to open them... I gave her one to open when she was sad and she opened it recently and didn't think it was that special but she sent me a picture of it and made me happy to see I cheered her up and that it meant that much to herπŸ˜€
gardengal10 wrote: That is a lovely personal story. Thanks for sharing.
mindyjourney wrote: What a beautiful way to be remembered, my friend. How lovely that your encouragement still has a positive true re those kindness seeds 🌸!!!
Mish wrote: So true, we just never know how very powerful our kind act can be for someone. How awesome your friend still cherishes your card πŸ‘β€οΈ Bless, Scully. πŸ™

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