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Making Others Happy Makes Me Happy

--by Clueless, posted Dec 21, 2009

I take the bus to go to university. In the morning I park my car next to the bus stop so that in the afternoon I can drive it home.

One afternoon, after I got off the bus and was walking to my car to drive home, I found this young lady who just got off the bus standing there waiting for a cab.  I went and asked her if she cared for a ride home. She looked surprised as we didn't know each other. I told her that I'm not in a hurry and that I'd love to drive her home.

At first, she hesitated, but then she agreed and walked with me to the car. We kept talking about different stuff all the way to her house. She was fun and friendly. I really enjoyed our talk. We finally arrived at her house, she kept thanking me for being kind and telling me that no one ever has been that kind to her. Then, she left.

She left me with a smile on my face, and this feeling of unbelievable happiness. I have to say that when making others happy, we become happy ourselves.

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Aurelia wrote: That's great. The next time you ride the bus, she may be on there too. Won't your ride be more fun having her to share a seat with :D
Thank you for offering her a ride. You are wonderful. :)
sethi wrote: Thank you for being kind . when I bring a smile on another persons face , I feel a lightness within.
unknown wrote: As you gave her a lift, she got lifted somehow at heart and now she has latched you within :) Beautiful my dear clueless ... lovingly, deepula.
makesomeonesmile wrote: Good for you for making such a wonderful difference! Keep up the great work!
vsoul wrote: This is so kind and thoughtful of you. God bless.
helpinghand wrote: Thank you for being so kind.I am definitely going to learn a lot of kindness acts from your posts.
God Bless You.

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