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Franklin's City Employees Find An Extra Way To Help

--by robcpayne, posted Dec 29, 2009

A new friend, a city insider, recently forwarded a segment of an email sent by Franklin's 'City Administrator':

I thought it would be nice to share with you how our employees are helping a family that is experiencing tough times and struggling to feed four children ages 3-16.

Jennifer Woods, in purchasing sent an e-mail to her co-workers about a family struggling during this time in our economy. The staff in Utility Billing immediately stepped up to buy 2 carloads of groceries, Easter baskets and clothes for the kids.

“Our Building Maintenance staff also donated $250.00 and groceries. More food and money were also donated from Solid Waste and from the Franklin Police department."

According to Jennifer, the mother of the family called the City of Franklin employees ‘her angels and heroes.’

“We are proud of our staff and their giving spirit. This is a true example of excellence, innovation, teamwork, integrity and being action oriented."

“Thanks to all of you who pitched in and helped.”

I, too, am proud to live in an area where even in a time of belt-tightening and cutbacks, people are willing to help others. And I’m especially proud that my city employees band together to do private good on top of the public good that they do every day.

We have been blessed to live on the love of this community of Franklin TN for six years now. We collect a little from Social Security, but almost all of our bills are paid by God, via the hands of generous friends and strangers.

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