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Caring for a Lost Little Dog

--by Ramya, posted Dec 27, 2009

One morning last week, I was waiting at the bus stop ready to catch my bus to work when all of a sudden I was shocked to see a big lorry hit a small little dog. 

I looked around but no one was around to look after the small dog. No one came for it and it was just lying there hurt – it was whimpering and its legs were bleeding.  
I was very worried so I ran across the road to the small dog. I picked it up and took it to veterinarian that I knew nearby.   Once the vet had bandaged the small dog up, I took it to the animal shelter and left the dog with them. 
Every evening since then I have been to the animal shelter to visit the small dog and give the animal shelter some money for it.
Everyday I go visit makes me very happy. I am so glad that I helped the little dog.
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jsmc10 wrote: Bless you for looking after this dog and giving them the best possible care, bless you
Sydney wrote: This is a very sweet thing to do.
helpinghand wrote: I appreciate your kind and caring act towards animals.You have done a great job.Keep it up.
innerjourney wrote: Like helpinghand said this is an amazing work...this is what I call embracing all living things in the circle of compassion....keep it up...

God Bless you:)
Redrose wrote: thanks helping hand
Redrose wrote: thanks inner journey....i will surely continue it....
Aurelia wrote: You've done a great thing! Thank you for knowing that God's creatures shouldn't suffer...You have a very big heart and I hope you've made a new friend with the dog now.
lindsgran wrote: Thank you for having such a big heart,

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