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Home Is, Where Again?

--by timcollardey, posted Jan 11, 2010

This economy has really got a lot of people moving and not always by a choice they wanted to make.  My wife and I now find ourselves among those unfortunates feeling that pressure.

You see, at the end of last year, our counseling and consulting clientele just dried up.  Having been self-employed meant not being eligible for unemployment assistance.  As we did the math looking at retirement savings that was half-gone and quickly draining away, we had to make the painful decision to close up our office and put our house up for sale.  We haven’t lived in the house for two years yet and figured it would be the last one for a long time.  How quickly this world economic mess is changing our lives!

As I get older, I find moving less adventurous and more burdensome.  It’s not just the strain on my body that bothers me as much as the confusion and disruption from feeling forced to make such huge life transitions.  This time, just to add to the heaviness, we’re in the process of moving without knowing where we’ll arrive next.  Job searching has been thrown into the quagmire of an unsettled life.  Experts can debate all they want about whether we’re in a depression, but both my wife and I have been feeling pretty depressed from all this.  I’ve been challenged to find the upbeat in all this down that’s beating us.

But then it happened while I watched my wife packing things up.  She’s an absolute whiz when it comes to packing.  She’s the kind of person who would have really done well on one of those tests where you have to figure out how to put different shaped pieces in all the different holes.  If all she has is a round peg and a square hole, she figures out how to make it fit anyway.  I took delight in watching her size up just the right boxes for everything in front of her and filling in the gaps with pillows and towels.  Her boxes are solid!  I began feeling something like a wind lift me up and sail me through my own share of the packing and loading.

Home is wherever we are together regardless of where we go.  I have faith that we’ll move through this transition drawing strength and courage from countless kindnesses we’ll both give and receive along the path. 

Some friends will be helping us with the moving.  I’ve told them that they’re not losing friends but gaining some new vacation spots.  And I always take delight in getting to know the strangers who will be involved in our lives because of this kind of change.  We all will always have work to do, by choice or otherwise, and we can consciously make the effort to create a sense of home between us if we just try.

Home is where the heart is, and right now, ours is in moving.  Before long, it’ll be in some new place to live and work and getting to know new friends, new “home mates.”  Along the way, your stories on this website will be another source of that beautiful breeze that sails me through heavy times.  Thank you for that inspiration!

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Madhuri wrote:

You are not just moving from place to place. You are adding smiles along the way and smiles definitely give strength - both to the giver and the receiver.

gillian wrote: I admire ur spirit dont give up
I have more of a suggestion than a comment- could could set up ur own packing service. Turn it into an opportunity
penguingirl wrote: All the best to you and your wife. Stay encouraged because this too shall pass.
Bluebell wrote: Wish you all the best for this new journey you are about to start. Have a wonderful 2010 and keep in touch. Love and light and a thousand smiles, bleubell
Terri wrote: Hang in there. I have moved many times in the last 15 years; most recently 6 months ago. It's difficult right now, but i know that a year from now, my life will be different and i will have friends again. So will you. We do what we have to do. It all works out some how.
siri Sundri wrote: I am just amazed that i am always thinking as long as you have a partner to do things with, you can be each others growth mirrors. Learning to stay in the here and now and having good health are the highest levels of prosperity.
lilmama wrote: Hello tim, i am a single mother and have moved 15 times in the past 20 years (several of the moves was leaving my x over and over and moving back) but now it is just me and my youngest son and it does not matter where you live, home is where the heart is. Best wishes
irongrace wrote: Good luck and i am thinking of you
kiteflier wrote: You just have to change your perspective to see a brighter, better side of things. All the best to you and hopefully you can find the bright side to all things that come your way. Good luck!
rrgirl63 wrote: Best wishes to you and your family.

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