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Kindness Observed

--by wilson_rakes1, posted Jul 8, 2019
I spotted a small child, maybe 6, who noticed another child, who looked maybe 3, on the playground when that little fellow dropped his cupcake.

The older one I spotted walked across the entire playground and tried to help the little guy pick up the cupcake. The cutest and kindest thing was he finally offered the sad little guy his own sleeve to wipe his tears.

A mom, I'm thinking, came over pretty quickly and thanked the older boy, and together they cleaned up the dropped cupcake. When the mom and little one walked away hand in hand, the little boy turned around and waved to the older child, who waved back.

The spontaneous act of kindness on that older child's part, and the simple gratitude showed by the little one was pure and beautiful. It was a gift to me to have caught the moment. I'm grateful for seeing it.
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Christine88 wrote: So sweet.
smileswithhope wrote: What a beautiful story - thank you so much for seeing and sharing this! :)
cyctw wrote: Children tend to be so very kind, generous, and authentic. As a teacher, i am blessed to witness such behavior quite often. And then our "educational" machine gets in the way:(. Let's all continue to support the compassionate nature of our younger brothers and sisters<3.
bluebuddha wrote: I am happier having read I'm grateful that you shared. thank you!
sheri1969 wrote: Children can teach us so much about appreciation and kindness, because they have not been marred by the world or people yet. A truly touching story :)
holliemc wrote: Very sweet!
wilson_rakes1 wrote: Thank y'all!

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