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My Hairdresser Is Retiring ...

--by Helenconnell2, posted Aug 7, 2019
My hairdresser is retiring today after seventeen years. Over those years, she's been a friend and counsellor as well as my hairdresser. After Richard's operations in 2014 she started doing his hair because the scars often frightened hairdressers but Babs took it all in stride.

We wanted to give her something special. Richard said he'd seen several bouquets when he had his hair done on Wednesday. I decided to make her a card and inside we put one of Mindy's peace doves. We finished it by giving her a voucher for a loan to LendWithCare. The photo shows you an idea of everything.

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Mish wrote: She sounds like a beautiful person, Helen and am sure your thoughtful gifts will touch her heart ❤️
michelelpurce wrote: such a thoughtful hairdresser and you guys are thoughtful and kind too. I can see why you found her. :) Good luck to her. :)
Rajni wrote: We all owe our society for all the services it provides. Just think of a society with no hairdresser. They trim hair to individual's requirements. They help us look good. You did a wonderful job of appreciating her services with a card and a voucher.
mindyjourney wrote: What a thoughtful gift for a lovely soul! She will be so very touched by your gift and wishes. Thank you and Richard 💕.
kjoyw wrote: Lovely heartgift for her! Bless

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