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A Hug In The Park

--by Mish, posted Aug 14, 2019
❤️Happinessis an unexpected hug.........

As my husband was leaving the park today a little boy ran up to him out of the blue, and hugged him around his legs. The boy latched on to him and was smiling. My husband patted his back and hugged him back.

His father ran over, picked him up, and apologized to my hubby. Hubby told him there was no need to apologize, that this is a wonderful child who must be filled with love. It made his day. ❤️
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Rajni wrote: We all expect happiness. So how happiness can be unexpected hug? It can be at unexpected time.
mindyjourney wrote: How very sweet! I think some of the hugs are coming back to you and H 🤗. Perfect response by your hubby too :))
pluto178 wrote: The simplicity of the child's mind is simply beautiful x
patjos wrote: Oh yes, I've been unexpectedly hugged and it is so true it has made me so happy. Lately I received a hug from an unexcpected quarter while I was in the workplace, it really blew me away! So I decided the next day that I too would hug someone in the workplace when it was appropriate, and it's done so much for our relationship :)
SissyLee wrote: What a lovely story. What a sweet child.

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