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Being Present Matters So Much!

--by MakeSomeoneSmile, posted Aug 17, 2019
A good friend and I went and visited a gentlemen last night who is in a rehab facility trying to get clean. It was kind of far from my home, I had a lot to do and I didn't really feel like going.

When we got there and found him, his face lit up. He was so excited we came to see him. He introduced us to many of his friends and supporters at his facility. He gave us a tour and was so grateful we visited.

His reaction reminded me how important just showing up and spending time with someone can be. When we left he was so grateful that we came to visit him. He is 90 days into his program with 10 more months to go. He promised he is focused and going to make it through this time.

His joy at seeing us was just the reminder my heart needed that time being present with someone makes all the difference. I am very glad I went and after seeing how it brightened his night I will joyfully do it again.
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scully wrote: Glad you are there to support
Mish wrote: Does a heart good to see the Joy our kind act can bring. Well done, friend. Bless. ❤️
pluto178 wrote: Now that is a top class kindness well done ....there is nothing finer than to see someone's face light up when you arrive. X
mindyjourney wrote: Making time to be there is such a wonderful gift, my friend. Prayers that he continues well into the completion of the program!
kjoyw wrote: Being present for someone can be everything.

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