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Blessing People Coming Out Of Prison

--by penny4them, posted Aug 13, 2019

I hope you all are well. It means so much to me to have this beautiful place to share things that spread more kindness and joy. Each of you, in every way, inspire me to feel and think MORE about kindness possibilities available to us in each moment. Thank you.

It's been a while since I shared here. The past 6 months have been one of great challenge. A beautiful friend of mine, Joanne, has been in the dying time of her life. She knew it, and embraced it and as she died last week I thought of how a shooting star shines so brightly as it trails the universe, right before it goes out.

it was a great privilege to have her company these past months. One of the last things she asked me was to find an organization supporting women coming out of prison, to provide her business clothing to them for job interviews. We found such a program here in Raleigh, NC where I live. I didn't know the term for it, but this is called a "Reentry" service or program and many counties and cities have them all over the world.

I delivered her donation before she died, and somehow thought about doing a clothing drive in honor of Joanne's life and invite others to gift clothing to bless more people at the program.

Well, I'm stoked to share that it went really well. We had a lot of donations filling the Joyfuel mobile (aka my car) FULL of business clothes for men and women.

It didn't cost anything but gas, time and love. A few phone calls, social media posts, texts, and the beautiful thing is even though she is gone, I felt like we did it together. My dear mother helped me too, and it felt so good to organize something inspired by Joanne's life for kindness blessing a population of people that most often is overlooked and shunned.

We deliver these goodies (and more not pictured) today to the Family Resource Center South Atlantic with great love and gratitude. I'm so grateful to have known Joanne and have been blessed by her joyous and caring heart, and SO grateful all the people who supported this very quick drive.

I share this as perhaps, if you are seeking something to do in your community, the things I shared might spark a kindness in another part of our world. 
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Virginia wrote: This is such an important project. I have a niece in prison who will come out to essentially no persona belongings. I have been putting aside some family related items (dishes, quilts, knick-knacks), a few clothing items i like, necklaces, and cute items. I will be checking in my area for something like this. Glad you were able to support your friend and so many others.
sharon minzer wrote: Thank you for giving me hope in this crazy world!
lindariebel wrote: This takes forgiveness to a whole new level -- i mean society's forgiveness of those who have done their time and deserve another chance.
kjoyw wrote: So many beautiful kindnesses here, my friend. Thank you.
mindyjourney wrote: So sorry to hear about your friend’s transition, but what a beautiful way to honor her memory! Thank you.
gardengal10 wrote: I am so sorry for the loss of your friend, but it certainly appears that her end days were filled with love of friends and much support. What a beautiful project in giving away her clothing to be used onward.
HNIC1 wrote: sorry for your loss. I would send clothing but from Tacoma the cost would be too great. you do have my best towards your goal.
petroskryf wrote: My sincere condolences to you after the loss of your friend. And thank you fulfilling her wishes by donating the clothes -- but a KIND thing to do!
Mish wrote: Such a brilliant tribute for your beautiful friend this is. True friends always ❤️❤️
dandeliongirl wrote: what a wonderful post. like others, i can not send things directly to you, but i will put more energy towards my Salvation Army donations and donate to families locally. thank you for the boost !

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