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I resisted being a slaggart:

--by rickhiker, posted Aug 12, 2019
I made a mental request of my Guide to direct me to help someone who badly needed it. A few days went by. Then I was caught in a massive 6-lane traffic jam at a stoplight. “Rush hour." I thought. But it was an overheated car, dead in the middle lane.

With cars driving all around her I couldn’t stop anywhere without making things worse. I had to turn left in thick traffic and couldn't pull over for a couple blocks. I thought, "Maybe this is one I should let someone else take care of.” But I smacked myself down and mentally berated myself saying, "Don’t be a slaggart!"

I turned around and parked on a far entrance ramp. How to even wade into this snarl of traffic and get her off the highway looked impossible. But then a miracle happened (akin to the parting of the Red Sea). Bumper to bumper cars in multiple lanes, going both ways, instantly opened wide for me to get to her.

I asked that she release her brake and steer across 2 more lanes of rushing cars while I pushed her to the highway's right shoulder. I saw the fear and disbelief in her eyes. I hid my fear from her. So she thought I knew what I was doing. But only my Guide knew.

I just pushed. She drove. Once again the sea of rushing cars parted and we shouldered the car safely just before the police car pulled up behind us. The policeman marveled at what he had witnessed. The girl was very happy and said her friend was on the way and didn't need my help anymore.

The officer panicked thinking I was still parked in the ocean of traffic. I explained I was parked way across the highway. Just then the “walk” light came on for me to cross the intersection. The sea of rushing cars parted one last time, and I drove away after helping out for only a few minutes. My Guide arranged the “kind act” opportunity and cleared the way. While all I had to do was resist being a slaggart! Interesting how that works… wouldn't you say?
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Virginia wrote: Wow - kindness with a dash of courage to wade out into that traffic. More than did your good deed for the day. There must have been an aura about you that allowed your guide to clear the way
pluto178 wrote: Be careful what you wish x
Mish wrote: This has so wowed me!! Great example of “when the intention is pure, all hindrances are removed”. Big hat tip to you 🎩👍
Brad2 wrote: A good post, way to go, good job, well done, I'm proud of you for doing this. Something similar happened to me a few years ago, a couple had ran out of gas a few miles out of town, the husband had pushed the car two miles and had no energy left. I saw him tired, sitting by the highway, I went and took over for him the last mile, with help the last few yards (meters) from customers at the gas station. Keep up the good work, you're awesome.
dotmatrix wrote: Such a lovely story. It's so rare for anyone to go the extra mile, but to do this for a "stranger" is amazing. You're far from a slaggart. You may have saved her life. ♥.
lindariebel wrote: Thank you for sharing this.

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