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A Simple Act

--by Anonymous, posted Feb 11, 2006
My mother recently wrote a thank you letter to Medicare to express appreciation for their patience in guiding her through the new prescription card process. They were totally shocked, and someone called to thank her. Many people everywhere provide services for us. We complain about the buraucracy, but forget that these are people like us who are just trying to make a living.
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jsmc10 wrote: I love letting people know what a fantastic service they give because complaining us rife, that's so great of your mum :)
moral12 wrote: I'm a little late in reading your story, but, i know those people at medicare had to be totally surprised. Good work for your mom taking the time to thank these people. Thanks for sharing your story.
oldgirl wrote: It is sad that often the people who go that extra mile to help a customer are overlooked when it comes to being thanked because many people think "it's their job".

Often people are quick to criticise bad service but we should remember to also acknowledge good service.

Congratulations to your mother for showing kindness to those who "walked that extra mile" to guide her in her time of need.

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