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Beyond our Boundaries

--by aaylyn, posted Oct 17, 2019
There is a newcomer Syrian family in my community who have lost children and relatives during the war. I’ve assisted them in many ways and we are now close friends despite the fact that they are Muslims and I am Jewish. 

They’ve assisted me in return and we are now like family in kindness and friendship. Indeed, in our small Canadian city we took in many Syrian refugees.  Many of us also signed up to learn Arabic.
Although we are all very different, we have respected and honored
those differences through the Canadian philosophy of the individual being important, but within the group. Our group has expanded and enriched all of our lives.
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Readers Comments

KM Bhai wrote: Very kind you and your community. Thank you so much for your nice work.
Heather Podrow wrote: This heartfelt story helped me feel proud to be a canadian. I truly believe that there is kindness and generosity in every country.
ado wrote: Thank you for this story. It is good when we decompose everything and we end up connecting at the human level. I have been facing a lot of racism lately so it's nice to read an uplifting story that bridges the gaps.
pluto178 wrote: I don’t connect to race or religion at all just the person and these things are not a bar from doing so within a balanaced friendship. X
mindyjourney wrote: Thank you for opening your hearts to those in need, my friend. Grateful for the loving compassion and kindness you and your community have shown 💕. I do so LOVE Canada. Recently say the musical play “Come From Away.” 🇨🇦
Mish wrote: The beauty of this brought tears to my eyes. Bless you all ❤️
kjoyw wrote: So much wonderful kindness here! Thank you.
DANCE wrote: so kind of you and your community
smilinghearts wrote: Can’t imagine how people from the Middle East tolerant prejudice. Do my best to be open and friendly! 😊☮️

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