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Walk AwayThere Are Times ...

--by TC, posted Nov 1, 2019

There are times in our lives we may feel as if we need to walk away from everything. We are tired of the games that people play and the unnecessary drama. We are tired of trying so hard to work towards the vision of what we want for our life. Life seems to have become too complicated and cluttered.

When we feel this way do we take the time to wonder where these feelings are coming from? Are we holding on to things that no longer matter? It is at these times in our lives that we need reminders that this too shall pass, that we do have joy, love and laughter in our lives, we simply have lost sight of it.

 There is nothing wrong with taking a step back, assessing our needs, giving ourselves the space we need to see things with clarity. Giving ourselves the gift of time to rest, relax and rejuvenate may be all we need to return to our activities with energy and a new sense of commitment to our best life. 
 Picture taken and written by TC

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Rajni wrote: I am so happy that i will never find such situation that forces to walk away from everything. I love what i do. When someone does something that is unkind, i think it is the result of my past karma. Self care is indeed needed to make our body run smoothly as car does.
Mrm wrote: Yes, stepping back to see it doesn’t have to be either / or but the two can live together.
The needs of one can find answers in the other. Just relinquishing the dualities and the judgements they bring.
mindyjourney wrote: One of my fave sayings is “You cannot pour from and empty cup. Be kind to you!”
kjoyw wrote: Yes, do remember that “this too shall pass”. And sometimes, taking a step back can be real progress!
Mish wrote: I “step back” by crocheting while watching Midsomer on cable 😊. I also sit outside quietly with the feral cats, stroking one who allows me to do.❤️ 🐈. Such peace all bring. Grateful.
pluto178 wrote: Big Midsomer fan for relaxing conditions love love love it......but there are times when you have to take stock and ask yourself what is really happening here and make that choice stay or walk away....if you walk away do so with love in your heart for that farewell ......everything is Heavenly energy everyone thinks they are in the right including us ourselves and if you go deeply enough you are both right.....what you say affects them without you even being aware of it so when their response is over the top you have no idea why......but all is still as the individual believes it to be there can be no winners and nobody is right or wrong.......but if you cannot cope with it then walking away with love in your heart is always the best thing to do for them and you. Love the depth of this x

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