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Kittens and their rescuer

--by lindariebel, posted Nov 6, 2019
Two tiny kittens were rescued by a young lady and brought to a rescue group, which gave them to me to raise until they were re
ady to be adopted. 
The young woman wanted to visit them, so I gave her directions to my house. She showed up panting and perspiring. The Lyft driver had dropped her off a mile from my house -- alone, in the dark, in part of town she didn't know! Shocking, eh?
 I let her visit with the kittens for a few hours. The Lyft driver she called to go home got lost and then canceled the ride. "That's it!" I exclaimed, "I'm driving you home." And I did.
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petroskryf wrote: What a kind thing to do, thank you for sharing.👏🏻🐈
DANCE wrote: so kind of you!
Mish wrote: Hope she doesn’t use that car service ever again!!! Oh my! Thank you for being there for her, Linda. Bless. And how awesome that you foster kittens! 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕🐈
mindyjourney wrote: Thank you for going the extra in raising the kittens and for providing a safe transportation for woman home! :)))
gardengal10 wrote: You went more than the extra mile (figuratively speaking) Thank you.

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