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Sharing The BountyThis Month ...

--by TC, posted Nov 5, 2019

This month we celebrate Thanksgiving, coming together with friends and family to enjoy the bounty of the harvest season. It is also an excellent time to pause and reflect on the abundance of our lives as well. Our lives are full of love and laughter shared with those we love and we are deeply grateful for the abundance of the light this love gives to us.
Do we know of someone who is alone, lonely, that would appreciate a visit, an outing to a coffee shop, a ride to church or a simple phone call to chat and pass the time of day? What stops us from sharing our time with others who are in need of companionship? The seasons are changing and we begin to bring our warmer clothes out of storage. Are our closets crammed full of clothes that we no long wear? We may be saving a few articles of clothing for when we lose that extra ten pounds, but in reality we will probably never wear it again, no matter how much weight we lose.
 It may be time to pass these ite
ms on to someone who is need of clothes, maybe who is applying for a job and has nothing to wear to the interview. Our cupboards, fridges and freezers are well stocked with foods we enjoy to eat. It is tempting to buy more when it is on sale even when we don’t need it, but perhaps we still can, buying the items and donating them to a food bank, homeless or women’s shelter.

 When we share the bounty of our lives with others, the world becomes a brighter place, one filled with a sense of community. Do you have something in abundance that could be shared with others to brighten their day and make their life a little easier? Pause, reflect and then act on what you have discovered about the abundance of your life. Happy Thanksgiving!!! Please feel free to share, if you are so inspired. Picture taken and written by TC

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outdoorsy wrote: Thank you for the motivation!
... wrote: Ansatsu no kyoushitsu is a great anime watch it tis gud
Christine88 wrote: Nice, thank you.
mindyjourney wrote: So blessed to be able to share, dear TC. Thank you for the reminder to do. Truly is a wonderful holiday...thanks and giving :)))
Mish wrote: Have never forgotten an unexpected Thanksgiving invite over 30 years ago. I was busy cramming for my massage licensing boards & had no time to do my annual dinner. A friend we knew from our local park, who my husband jogged with, found out we had no plans & invited us to her family’s holiday dinner.
petroskryf wrote: Oh, I wish I could experience a real Thanksgiving one year. In the country where I live, there is not something like Thanksgiving. I think the whole idea of being grateful and sharing is lovely. 💞
DANCE wrote: Your sharing always carries much love, thanks

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