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Wishing Well-wishes

--by dhivyashana, posted Nov 4, 2019
I am unsure, a little.
There are big things planned, which I'm not sure if things will flow as
We need to find seeds and all required for 600 people to create seedballs (for Daan utsav festival)..
Although I trust things will flow well, sometimes I'm not.
Wishing blessing and well-wishes for the event
to reach people who are really interested and for all that flows to allow this to flow well.
I know this place is meant for small acts of kindness, but I don't know where else I can release this worried part of being. Hoping all goes well.

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dotmatrix wrote: I like your graphic. I really get what you're saying about not being able to release doubt. "Worry is praying for what we don't want." One of my favorite quotes now and when I can't let go, I think of it. Wishing you the very best possible outcome for your Festival. ♥
mindyjourney wrote: Agree with dot’s comment about worrying, it’s also one of my faves and refer to it often. Very interested about the seedballs 😊 🌱. Can you share more out them? Thank you!
Brad2 wrote: A good post, watching this squirrel running around outside hiding nuts and seeds, while watching a documentary about 10 million bats in Africa that gather once a year to mate then go back with seeds in their guano spreading growth, then this apple I'm munching on, maybe I should germinate and plant them for apple trees, then there is a post below with an apple, coincidences galore today............plant peace.
Mish wrote: 🙏 May all manifest for the highest good.

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