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Global Postcard Kindness

--by SissyLee, posted Nov 18, 2019
I belong to a group called that maybe some of you KindSpringers know about. It is a group you join on-line and the organization connects you with people all over the world for sending and receiving postcards. If someone wants a card in an envelope, I will include a peace dove and a KindSpring message.

The photo is of my effort to collect cards for my mother's birthday. In my bio I asked people to send me a card for my mother's birthday. She turned 85 and it was a challenge to get that many cards for her -- I collected 76 of them and it took a year. But was she ever surprised at the warm words from all over the globe!

She took this photo and put it on her Facebook page. I like it so much that I had to share it with you. Postcrossing is  a sweet way to connect with people all over the world by way of postcards. I feel it promotes peace and good feeling. After all, how can you hate your friends?
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outdoorsy wrote: What a wonderful and kind thing to do!
Mish wrote: What an awesome thing to do for your Mom’s 85th, Sissy. ❤️
janfour wrote: that's so swell 💛
DANCE wrote: wonderful!

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