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I Helped The Environment ...

--by LoveKindness, posted Nov 24, 2019
I helped the environment and a family member who needed some clothes by inventorying my closet and gifting clothes I haven't used in years. My recipient liked one item, a jacket, so much that he wore it to a dance at his school. See the photo with a big smile.

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smilinghearts wrote: Less junk to manage and a generous gift! Proud of your kindness ❣️
Drjoybug wrote: I have been doing that too.
mindyjourney wrote: Looks great in that blazer! :))) Thank you for sharing those unused items to those who could use!
Lipizzan wrote: Handsome young man. I'm sure it looked good on you too.
Mish wrote: Spot on👍❤️
DANCE wrote: Great!
pluto178 wrote: I have been in that situation when someone is wearing one of my jackets without realising.....very flattering I think x

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