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On My Walk

--by lewski711, posted Nov 29, 2019
I haven't been playing competitive basketball recently like I have for the last 40 years, due to some health issues. Nevertheless, I still shoot around and I do a lot more walking.

One of my walks is a two-mile stint that always takes me by a bus stop with a trash can. I have been making it a habit to pick up a piece of trash as I approach the trash can.

One day, I saw a bag on the ground and used that to pick up more trash. Since then, I leave the house with a bag and my walk becomes a clean-up mission.

I have become that old man that I used to see walking the neighborhood picking up trash! 😂🤣

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smilinghearts wrote: You could count me in for a 21 day challenge of trash pick up. Thanks for the idea and the effort!
olivierchhu wrote: Hope your health gets better. All in all, this is very inspiring, keep up this good service, we need those examples in our communities :)
Lipizzan wrote: Be proud of the man you've become, I am. I was taught at a young age to pick up trash. Mother Earth and little eyes makes it more of a joy than a chore.
Mish wrote: You are a beautiful man, Lewski. Bless.
gardengal10 wrote: You could be the old man who steps over the trash or kicks it aside. I like the man that you have become :))
Brad2 wrote: Nothing wrong with a public act of kindness done in a good way, good job, well done. Am guilty? of doing the same and keep a small bag to do the same, but I don't feel guilty. Thank you for doing this..........peace.
petroskryf wrote: We need more people like you. Thank you for doing this. Kindness to the environment.
DANCE wrote: Thank you so very much!

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