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Brotherly Love

--by lewski711, posted Dec 8, 2019
As I was getting in my car today after picking up yet more school supplies in preparation of my 24th year as a teacher, I saw a homeless man from a distance with a blanket draped over him walking along the sidewalk.
Immediately I noticed that he was barefoot and walked gingerly. I wanted to buy him some shoes  from a store nearby, but all that was around was Office Max and Smart & Final. No shoe stores.

I was on a tight schedule having to pick my wife up from the doctor's office soon for a medical procedure. I was not going to buy shoes and return in such a short time.

Then I remembered I had socks in my last bag, the bags I keep in my car for those in need. I grabbed the heavy duty socks and walked up to him.

"Hey, Brother," I called to him. "I am sorry I don't have any shoes for you, but could you use these socks?"

When he turned to face me, I was surprised to see how young he was. Couldn't have been more than 25. His eyes were so vibrant. He had been walking to his encampment: bags of items, books, and an old mattress.

He smiled. "That would be great." He said, "God bless you" as I handed him the socks. I wished him the best and got back into my car.
As I drove out of the parking lot, I saw that he was already putting on the socks, and I realized that the rest of the contents of the bag might be of use as well: a bottle of water, jerky, sunflower seeds, trail mix, etc.

I pulled alongside the sidewalk and asked if he would like the bag too. He told me he would, but he had to finish putting on the socks first.

Cars were lining up behind me. I called to the man, "I got these cars behind me. Are you good if I just leave the bag on the sidewalk?"

He said that would be fine. I jumped out, left the bag on the sidewalk, and got back into my car. "Take care," I yelled.

And, I am sure I heard him yell back to me, but I questioned what he said as I drove away, because it was so unexpected. As he pulled on the last sock, the man yelled to me, "I love you!"

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soweludancer wrote: I love your idea of keeping bags of things in the car to give away to the homeless. Going to adopt that idea, thank you!
LoveyDovey wrote: Oh, what an incredible story! This is such a wonderful example of brotherly love. Thank you for sharing!
Mish wrote: Thank you for caring & sharing as you do, Lewski. Bless.
DANCE wrote: Sooo lovely, you are kind!
mindyjourney wrote: Tx for going the extra and making a difference :)))). Always KINDly prepared! ❤️ 🕊
dotmatrix wrote: This is beautiful, Lewski. Such a great kindness story. Thank you for sharing it. ♥.

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