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What Goes Around Comes Around

--by franfaraz, posted Dec 9, 2019
I just got back after attending a seminar with other fellow educators in the field of Peace Studies. Since my hotel was a bit far from the university, I had to take a Lyft ride everyday, to and fro.

One day, I overheard a conversation behind me that one of the participants could not download the Lyft app, and hence she was having a hard time commuting to and fro. I then offered her to ride with me. On a few occasions, when she was headed to a different destination than mine, I had called on the Lyft just for her.

I was secretly planing on "Giftivism", of course! :)

At the end of the trip, she insisted that I give her a total dollar amount for the ride share and other trips I arranged only for her. I explained to her that I was having a great time, because I did not have to think about how I could practice my weekly habit of Giftivism! She made it easy for me.

She burst out laughing and told me her story. 

A young lady from Zimbabwe had come to the college where this woman teaches, in order to learn about environmental sustainability. Once she found out that the college had many classes and an environmental studies program, particularly one researching and innvoating around climate change and drought (where her country has lots of problem), the young lady was keen to enroll in the program and receive a certificate and go back to her country and help.

My colleague with whom I was sharing Lyft rides wound up supporting this student from Zimbabwe by paying her tuition fees and letting her stay in her house, until she obtained her certificate.

She had already tagged someone and karmically she was receiving my gift. It was a circle of gifts! We both were happy that we had a common story.
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LoveyDovey wrote: Building upon mish's comment, "kindness contagion" : ) -----what a divine "disease" to catch. This story is absolutely inspiring! Thank you!
subh wrote: So so true and how very inspiring.
SissyLee wrote: What a lovely circle.
DANCE wrote: super!
Mish wrote: Yes, Kindness begets Kindness. Thank you for your part in this “kindness contagion” . Many blessings. 🙏

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