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Coming Out Of Shell And Being Kind

--by payalkhatwani, posted Dec 12, 2019
I wanted to share this amazing incident with everyone. I was at the Bangalore airport waiting for my flight to go home. I went to get dinner at a restaurant in the airport.

Although I was not very hungry, I knew I could eat a little something. So, I ordered a rice dish called Bisi Bele Bhaat - a south Indian preparation of rice and lentils with vegetables, tamarind and spices. I ate a few spoonfuls.

On the table next to mine, two couples were seated. I overheard their conversation and knew that they were hungry and were waiting for food. I wanted to ask them if they wanted to share my food with me. I was too shy.

But I gathered the courage and asked them anyway. They were actually very happy and without any hesitation one of them said Yes!. It was not a lot but they could start eating. The ladies were very happy.

One said that not many people would ask such a thing, and that it's very nice that I asked. They said that wasting food is not a good thing. She also mentioned that she wished they had ordered rice as well, as it tasted great. We shared some stories. She said that they would remember this incident for a long time. I felt very good seeing the delight in them. They further gave me some tips to travel around Bangalore.

All in all, a totally unexpected and great encounter! It also gave me an opportunity to do something good, and come out of my shell and allow myself to do what my heart said.
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NiceKind wrote: Sharing is caring
LoveyDovey wrote: This is such a lovely story. It's interesting how our hearts speak to us and give us the courage to spread kindness. You were meant to meet these souls that day (there are no accidents! )
mindyjourney wrote: Thank you for reaching out and sharing :))
michelelpurce wrote: it is wonderful meeting new friends. and what a sharing and caring way to meet them. good for you! :)
Mish wrote: Strangers become friends when we reach out. Well done by you. 👏🏻
patjos wrote: Lovely of you to reach out :)))

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