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Back To School With Joy

--by Sanyogita , posted Dec 13, 2019
Since the schools have started, my children are excited to go to school with new bags, books, clothes and to a new class. As parents, we too are excited for our children.

But I thought, what about the  children who barely manage to have two  meals a day. I know such a child whose parents work very hard for those two meals a day.
Although government schools provide free education, the school essentials are not taken care of. So, I bought some useful school essentials like a bag, stationery, books, lunch box and water bottle, crayons box for the  boy  I knew.

He was very excited to get all the new things because, he had always used  broken and used items since he was born. Happiness is what mattered for me. It brought joy to both of us!

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LoveyDovey wrote: So warm and fuzzy feeling after reading this story. Hugs to you! Thank you for sharing and caring!
lindariebel wrote: You've illustrated attention, empathy, and kindness all at once.
Rajni wrote: You did a wonderful job of giving school supply to needy child. This will keep his hope alive. You are building a better citizen. Thanks for sharing.
mindyjourney wrote: Thank you for encouraging boy with such great new school supplies :)))
Mish wrote: Bless your loving heart ❤️
michelelpurce wrote: so wonderful of you! :) to make his life a little brighter. :)

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