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Unexpected friendship

--by tcljgr, posted Dec 15, 2019
I had participated in the 21-day kindness challenge last summer. During that period, I came across a homeless women who was threatening people as they entered and exited a strip mall.

As I approached her, she threatened me too. I asked her what was REALLY going on, and she responded: "I haven't slept in days, I haven't eaten in three, and they are trying to take my kid from me."

I told her that the only thing I could do to help her was to buy her lunch and listen to her. It has been a year, and she still comes to my office to check in with me. That initial meeting changed both of our lives for the better!
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Mansi wrote: Wow! Commendable i must say. You did great! :)
Cindy wrote: Listening is so powerful.
soweludancer wrote: The act of really listening is such a gift. And furthermore, you gave the gift of your time which is such a precious commodity in our hurry-up lives. Blessings.
LoveyDovey wrote: Beautiful, inspiring story. Thanks so much for sharing! Hugs to you!
Rajni wrote: You did a good job of finding a root cause of that woman's behavior and help solve the problem. Thanks for sharing.
patjos wrote: Lifesaver for sure! :)))
mindyjourney wrote: A connection made that continues....thank you.
Mish wrote: One kind act & you can change a life. Bless you both 🙏

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