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Fruit For Children

--by petroskryf, posted Jan 4, 2020
I saw a big container in one of our supermarkets in Cape Town with mixed fresh fruit in it.

On the side of the container, there is a note saying that any children under 12 may take some of the fruit for them to eat – it is for free.

I think this is a very clever – and kind – initiative, also because lots of food get wasted worldwide.

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Rajni wrote: In new jersey super market they do have the same sign, under 12 gets one fruit free. To get free fruit parents shop at that store. We all know that eating fruit is good for our body. Kids may ask parents to buy fruits from them. Good decision making skill for kids.
scully wrote: Awesome way to share
patjos wrote: We have a similar scheme in the UK, not sure if all supermakets do this, but one chain in particular has given away over 50 million pieces of fruit since the scheme started
TC wrote: What a wonderful way to share.
gardengal10 wrote: Also a great way to introduce different fruit to children.
janfour wrote: very smart
mindyjourney wrote: What a a great program! Tx for noticing and sharing with us :)
michelelpurce wrote: what a great manager in that supermarket. :) thanks for sharing. :)
Mish wrote: And healthy toon👍
leoladyc728 wrote: great idea

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