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Sharing The Love Of The Season

--by Novice50, posted Dec 7, 2019
During this frantic season, I often stop and reflect on the abundance all around me, as well as the abundance in my own life. I have enough, I have shelter, food, clothing, family and friends to love and be loved by. I don't need, or want, more things. And that goes for most of the people I know. So, a small thing I do every year is to sign-up with a local service organization and "adopt" children to shop for. These children are victims of domestic violence who otherwise would have a very meager Christmas. Their wishes are never extensive and usually include clothing sizes and favorite colors. I like to think of this as a way of showing families in need that others care about them and to give out a little extra love. An added bonus is that the shopping experience is a lot more enjoyable.
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virgtom08 wrote: Good for you and all the others who reach out to those who 'fall through the cracks' sometimes. One year I added stickers to Christmas cards and took them to agencies to hand out to their participants. Small gesture but it might have been their only one.
mindyjourney wrote: Thank YOU, my friend, for focusing on being the giving Light during this special season of giving 🎁 ❤️!
LoveyDovey wrote: Thank you for sharing this story. So dear to my heart. Reminds us what this season is all about. I love being involved with my community's miracle tree program. It just feels so good to give back and put smiles on children's faces.
healingtree wrote: Lovely, Novice. I wish such service organization's were the norm, and will investigate my area to see if there is any approximation of such a thing. Inspiring.
Rajni wrote: We all know that Christmas is the season of giving. Your giving something with love will definitely make a VERY BIG difference in someone's life. Thanks for sharing.
DANCE wrote: Thank you for helping the children
Mish wrote: This is so beautiful, Novice. Bless. 🙏
janfour wrote: you are an inspiration
Painiacs wrote: Good for you!! We used to have those trees and I donated everynnyear... I don't know why ghey stopped, I kiss them

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