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Offering More Than Just Customer Satisfaction

--by cargerm, posted Jan 25, 2010




My husband was a great source of strength to me during our marriage as well as a mentor to me in my job.  During one of the Sunday School lessons that he taught, he made the statement "You may be the only Bible that some people read today."  I lost my husband to lung cancer last Thanksgiving day, but I try to maintain this very valuable lesson. 


I work in an inbound call center for one a large telecom company in the world.  Every day I get yelled at, screamed at and called everything but a child of God.  I understand that in these times we are all experiencing tough economic times, so I just let them vent.  I try to maintain my composure and be as polite as possible.  Some days it is harder and harder to do this all the while trying to maintain the standards of my job - offering new products, staying within a certain time frame, and maintaining customer satisfaction.


I guess I have that kind of voice that makes people tell me their life stories. I end up hearing not only about their phone bills but their ill parents, sick children, lost jobs, their own illnesses and when someone really touches my heart - I send them a smile card.   I'll never know if they smile.. but I just put it in an envelope with a note or something small and say from your friend at the phone company!  Hopefully I will turn out to be the Bible that they've read that day!


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Ramiro wrote: It's absolutly true. But we have to obay or do thsemoig like change or something different like plantation + its daily services (mavjat) , try to avoid use of a. Cs and more as u know
luckyman wrote: What you are doing is really wonderful!

Keep it up!
luckyman wrote: The best favour you can do to someone is to listen to him or her with love and attention. It is one of the most powerful way to connect to someone.

After you listen to the callers and their dificulties i am sure they are uplifted and healed because they are able to vent their feelings and burdens.

You are doing god's work! Keep it up!

Jacinda wrote: Thank you so much for sharing! I'm very sorry to hear about your husband. What a kind heart you have. Thanks heaps, Jacinda

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