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Words Can Heal

--by lewski711, posted Feb 10, 2020
A personal, long-time friend hurt me deeply this week. I've only shared the details with my wife and my mother. I had a dream about it the night after the incident. Guess it was because it was so deep in my subconscious. Didn't realize it had affected me like that.

Then, today, out of the blue, I got a message from a different childhood friend that I've known maybe since 40 years. We hung out in many of the same circles, but we haven't talked in decades.

In the message she tells me I'm an amazing person and an inspiration to others and that people should tell me how awesome I am on a regular basis.

This was so unexpected, but it came at the perfect time, right after I was hurt by someone from that same era.

I'm posting this to tell you that your kind words may mean far more than you know, and may be just what the person receiving them needs at that moment in their life.

I hope she realizes how much I appreciate her, her message, her words, and her kindness.


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cyctw wrote: Yes. Words can cut and words can heal. Always choose kindness<3.
Sandra wrote: Yes, we often need to be reminded by a nudge to demonstrate the fruit of the spirit - you received one such fruit and should feel blessed by your friends - one you nudged you with words of kindness and the other who reminded you that words can be hurtful
pluto178 wrote: A true free gift x
Mish wrote: You were given what you needed ...the Universe knew 😘
mindyjourney wrote: Grateful for your reconnect :))). And yes! We all need follow those kindness nudges. You just never know 😊.
OlivierChhu wrote: Indeed, kind words have more a real value :)

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