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Lending Some Weight

--by cyctw, posted Feb 19, 2020
I had just passed a car with its flashers on, as I thought to myself, "why don't I stop to help?"

That happens often. After about 200 ft, I pulled over. I trotted back to the disabled car and saw a gentleman, who looked to have taken 80 laps around the sun, getting ready to give up on changing his tire.
I asked him if I could help and he excitedly accepted. He was having trouble loosening the lug nuts. I said how they (mechanics) tend to torque on the nuts way too tight. Fortunately, I was able to loosen them; I had to rely on my entire body weight for one!
After loosening them, I asked if he needed anymore help and he replied, "No, I have it from here. Thank you!"

My question to me (I often talk to myself:)) is always "why?" Why did I stop? Nowadays I find myself driving right by more and more. I justify it by saying, "they probably have a cell phone" or "they probably have some road-side service."
Turns out, this gentleman did have AAA, he just didn't want to spend the time waiting for them, but rather preferred to change the tire himself.
I hope this is a lesson to me. Sometimes just having the opportunity to connect with someone else is enough reason to stop.
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Readers Comments

Sandra wrote: Thank you for stopping to help. The first thing i thought when reading your message of kindness was the biblical story of the good samaritan.
pluto178 wrote: He preferred to spend your time than his own money......but you did help him loosen the nuts and he needed that help even if he is somewhat selfish at least your not. X
DANCE wrote: Thank you for stopping
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: Taking the time to stop and ask was wonderful, nice going!
JuJuBug wrote: liked the lesson
Mish wrote: Well done, cyctw 👏🏻
Brad2 wrote: Good job well done
mindyjourney wrote: Thank you for following that nudge and being of assistance 🚙!
janfour wrote: always good to ask
smilinghearts wrote: Love!

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