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Complaints or Gratitude?

--by Blissforgive, posted Feb 20, 2020
I wanted to share something which changed my life today. While returning home from my office, I saw a man with no legs at all. He was able to move very little with the pressing of his hands. I parked my vehicle and gave him some money.

I wondered how he did his basic things such as even using the restroom. After that, I went to a park and sat thinking. How can I complain about my life? I decided that from now onwards, I will be thankful for everything in my life. I will be happy with whatever God showers on me. I will happily do any job. We all should be happy about the blessings in our life such as home, food, water etc. This was a provoking thought for me. But, not many may witness and learn from this. I think differently now and it serves me a lot.

I pray for all those who are struggling in this way without food, water or home. Dear friends, stay blessed and importantly forget about society labels and ego. Continue to observe around and learn. I will not regret not having a car or a mansion. At least I have the basic needs which I am happy about. I feel more humble and I will not compare or complaint about my life anymore. This was my learning experience.
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Khokha wrote: I am so happy I read this story, you had written in January, BlissForgive. It reminds me of mine that I sent yesterday about material things and a humble feeling.. Thank you!
OlivierChhu wrote: Thank you for sharing. I have a special thought to that person who may have sufferings but also a heart and courage that no one else has. Thank you for your state of mind!
Rajni wrote: Very inspiring experience. Complaining about anything in life is of no use. Our past karma and karma of past lives play its role in what we get.

I was complaining that i had no shoes then i saw a man who had no feet. This proverb says what you said in brief.
DANCE wrote: Humility and appreciation are very important
Mish wrote: No complaints 🙏 Bless, Forgive.
pluto178 wrote: I will be happy with whatever God showers upon me.........don’t ask for that just be grateful for all you have right here right now. X
mindyjourney wrote: Blessed and grateful 🙏❤️🕊
patjos wrote: You are already an amazing soul Bliss :)
smilinghearts wrote: I have cared for many vets. Bet he has quite a story to tell, but people are uncomfortable asking if he wants to talk. I give money to people, but for me that is not the greatest gift. Think that I might say something like you get around remarkably well...
michelelpurce wrote: like that old saying "i cried because i had no shoes until i met a man with no feet" this is so true. we sometimes take things for granted that we have until we see someone with so much less than we. :)

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