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A Simple Compliment Can Go A Long Way

--by Bella24, posted Feb 21, 2020
Last semester in my final year of high school, I had a kind teacher whom I can never forget. I was not necessarily the best student when it came to writing tests. I had to work extra hard to get good marks, although I enjoyed learning. Anyways, this class that I truly enjoyed still had me struggling to do well on my tests. My teacher willingly helped me and was always willing to answer my questions, and I greatly appreciated it. He was a remarkable teacher, always reaching out to students and helping them achieve their greatest potential.  

I remember the day of writing my final exam, I was the last one still writing in the exam room as always, reviewing my exam paper, while everyone else had already finished and left the room. After turning in my exam-paper, I started to leave the classroom, but decided to turn around and say what I had meant to say.

What I did right then was that I genuinely thanked my teacher for everything. What I said to him lastly meant a lot more to him than I thought it would - "I really enjoyed this class." I did not think much about it. I was just being genuinely honest with him, but the look on his face was remarkable. He seemed really touched and appreciated my simple comment, just knowing that one of his students had truly enjoyed his class. That is what I call a simple, yet very meaningful act of kindness to brighten a teacher's day, because they work so hard for us and truly inspire us to learn.

It is what we say and do to show compassion to others that can make somebody else's day extra special. I believe that a simple compliment can mean a lot more than one can think.

Always give Random Acts of Kindness a try- even a teenager can do it! 
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smilinghearts wrote: Teachers don’t make a lot of money. Your comment was a form of payment that’s more important than a cheque! Blessings to you! Smiling heart ❤️
Annc wrote: this is a wonderful post! Thank you for letting your teacher know that he had made a difference for you. And best of luck to you in your future.
leoladyc728 wrote: thank you for posting this. I know how important an understanding teacher is in a student's life
Rajni wrote: We all know that Gratitude is the best attitude. When our heart is filled with gratitude, it intuitively appreciates and thanks others. You did a wonderful job. As a student it is our duty to thank teacher who toils to imbibe virtues and knowledge in student;s heart. They are raising future citizens so the burden to draw best from the students lie on their shoulders.Thanks for sharing
Mish wrote: Welcome to KindSpring, Isabella.
mindyjourney wrote: Thank you for sharing your experience with us.

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