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Changing My Perspective

--by kat94, posted Mar 14, 2020
There was a homeless man sitting outside of one of the subway stations in Toronto, collecting change. It was a super windy day and he was only covered by a thin blanket. I wish I had money, I would have bought him a coffee or something, but I didn't.

All I had was my bus card and two subway tokens for traveling. I only needed one to get home that night, so I gave him the other. Public transportation is quite expensive over here, and I hope that it helped him.

Although I admit, I complained earlier about that five minute cold walk to the subway station, but now I'm thankful it was only for those very few minutes. I'm grateful for warmth.
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cyctw wrote: Thank you for seeing his humanity, kat.
mindyjourney wrote: Grateful for your kindness in giving of what you had to share. Thank you.
Mish wrote: Well done , Kat
melnotes wrote: What an angel you are even without money you still managed to find something to give. Grateful for you Kat and your beautiful kindness. Keep warm xx
brindlegirl wrote: So true isn't it. How seeing others in worse off than ourselves, always puts things into perspective and gratitude for me. We are all so blessed yet sadly many walk this earth feeling hard done by. If only they opened their eyes ♥
wavingatyou wrote: Lovely <3
pluto178 wrote: He is a man for whom life has gone awry it could be any one of us.....empathy is a wonderful gift too if you have nothing else to offer. A collection of empathic conversations will lift him and one day perhaps.............he can get back on track....x
molliecat wrote: I washed the dishes for my cats before I fed them today.
Twilight wrote: 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

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