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My Mom's Birthday

--by kat94, posted Mar 16, 2020
My mom's birthday is coming up and I've been asking her for a while what she wants.
Every time I've asked, she said the same things, that she's got everything she needs, she's got her 5 kids and she's got her health.

So I've decided to make her a "photo book". It is what it is: a book of photos, with whatever storyline you want to make. So I've decided I'd do one called "50 Things I Love about My Mom" (I picked 50 as that's what she's about to turn).

I've been asking my siblings what they love about our mom, and I've generated quite the list. I've also found accompanying photos from our albums to go along with it. I can't wait to get it printed.

Here's one from my little sister: "She bakes the most perfect and delicious birthday cakes."

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lindariebel wrote: Fabulous and inspiring! Also, exactly what she wants.
OlivierChhu wrote: These kinds of personalized gifts are a real value for both the giver and the receiver :) I love your story !!
melnotes wrote: Wonderful idea! These are great gifts and it will be treasured by your mum in years to come :)
DotMatrix wrote: Wow. As a mom, I can tell you that this is one of the best gifts possible. I am sure she will absolutely love it. What a beautiful and thoughtful gift. Happy Birthday Mama of Kat! ♥.
brindlegirl wrote: That is a gift that is so much better than any gift money could buy. It is absolutely perfect and I have no doubts will make her cry with joy. I will pray for your mum Kat ♥
eckyssister wrote: What a great idea Kat!
Mish wrote: Awesomely wonderful, Kat . She will LOVE x
wavingatyou wrote: Can't buy that <3
mindyjourney wrote: She will be so very touched by your gift! Much love and energy into its creation, that is what is the true gift. Birthday blessings for your mother :)).
deepee wrote: That is a gift from the heart.

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