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Above and Beyond

--by kat94, posted Mar 17, 2020
I told my dad a few days ago that my mom got into a little car accident, as the roads were icy, causing her to lose control of the vehicle. She ended up damaging the tires and rims. She didn't have winter tires, which was part of the problem.

I didn't expect my dad to do anything. But today he drove 40 minutes to drop off 4 winter tires and rims for my mom. He said it was an early birthday present for her. They've been divorced for 14 years, but still care for and are kind to each other.

I love him. He inspires me all the time. I'm so grateful he's my dad 
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Mish wrote: Beautiful heart connection they share still. (((((KAT)))))
Novice50 wrote: See how much kindness matters!
brindlegirl wrote: What a beautiful man and answer to all our prayers. The miracles will keep coming Kat, just you wait and see. God is with you xox
melnotes wrote: That is so wonderful of your dad to help out! Can tell there is a close bond between you xx
pluto178 wrote: I'm glad you chose to share what was happening with him....I am happier now.Once again my apologies for the late reply but it was out of my control. He's sounds like a pretty cool Dad. x
wavingatyou wrote: All the best :)
sandyremillar wrote: So beautiful when hearts recognize what should be done...

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