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Loving Neighbors

--by SissyLee, posted Mar 25, 2020
I have a neighbor who is a hard-working Registered Nurse. She asked me if I would trade with her two acupuncture sessions for a bookcase that she didn't need anymore.

I said sure and we loaded it in her car. As we were working on unloading it at my house, my next-door neighbor came over and asked if we needed help. He single handedly carried that big bookcase into my house!

I gave my nurse friend a book called "American Nightingale," a book about Frances Slanger a WW2 nurse. I know my nurse neighbor doesn't have time to cook much, so some apple muffins which I just made are heading her way, and some cookies will go to my neighbor and his family. I love my neighbors.
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DANCE wrote: Such wonderful neighbours you all are
Rajni wrote: You have very good quick decision making skill and act quickly too to help someone. You did wonderful jobs.
pluto178 wrote: You can’t beat The Swop Shop. X
mindyjourney wrote: Funny how the Universe encourages us to give/receive 😊!!! Grateful you love where you are — ❤️ 🌎... sometimes it. takes us awhile to realize :))))
drjoybug wrote: Wonderful people all
LoveyDovey wrote: Inspiring, lovely humans!!
Mish wrote: Good neighbors are true blessings. I know yours are blessed by you too, Sissy. ❤️
Brad2 wrote: Just learned this sign for 'friend', make a hook with right fore finger and another hook with left fore finger, hook them together. This is sign language for 'friend', two neighbours, two friends now..............peace.
gardengal10 wrote: Sounds like a super trade to me!
patjos wrote: no pop up ads :)

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