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An Act Of Kindness That Triggers Another One

--by denise.takimoto, posted Feb 13, 2010

Every summer my family goes to the Ontario Place for a day trip.  Before we go, I always look online to see if there are any coupons, as the entrance fee is quite pricey. 

The last time we went, I printed off some extra coupons and gave them to a couple of families waiting in line.  I purposely choose a large family of people and another that  were obviously visitors to Canada.  

Needless to say both families were ever so grateful as it cut their costs in half.  One of them even offered to buy us ice-cream once inside...proof that a random act of kindness does in fact encourage others to do the same!

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jsmc10 wrote: Thank you for doing this, i'm sure that that made their trip and they will now think of you and this act whenever they go on holiday or look back at the holiday they just had :)
Cathykiden wrote: Nice! It is true, goodness yields goodness, let us keep the ball rolling
warmth wrote: good going, keep it up and thank u for sharing your kind experience and inspiring me to do something good :)

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