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A Lesson Learned From Helping Out

--by wayfarer, posted Feb 15, 2010

I had the chance to help someone out again today.  Lucky me.

I had been in town doing some bank stuff. It had all gone smoothly and I was waiting at a town centre bus stop, about to head home. Then I heard someone say: “Hello? Is anyone there?”
“Jack” and “Jill” are an older blind couple. I’ve seen them around town for a lot of years and they don’t seem to have any problems getting about. They walk in a little convoy. Jack and his dog to the fore and Jill and her dog following. When they let the dogs off to run around the park they attach little bells to them to keep an ear on where they are. They have it under control.
But I’m sure they also know where the danger spots are! And this was one. The pavement narrows at this point. It’s beside a busy road and a bus shelter takes up half the space. Folk waiting for buses and sandwich board signs for the shops take up the rest.
Jack knew there were people there. What he didn’t know was if anyone would answer and help him through. He was right not to be certain. A shocking number of people looked round then looked away, pretending they weren’t there.
 “Hello,” I said. “I’m here.” Jack explained they were trying to get to the cobbler’s shop so I stepped up beside him and led them through the crowd, around the sign and into the doorway of the shop.
 And that was that. I got to help. I love it!
Then I thought about it...
 We make our way through reality kinda like Jack and Jill make their way through the town. We think we know what it’s all about but there is such a lot going on we won’t get to understand in this life. We stick to the ways and routines we know and, for the most part, that’s all we need.
 But every once in a while we find ourselves outside our comfort zone, in a danger spot. We might be at the mercy of forces beyond our comprehension. We might be tempted to ignore them and barge right on through, and the consequences will be … well … unknown but not good.
In moments like that we are as blind as Jack and Jill. That’s when we need to stop, follow Jack’s example and say, “Hello? Is anyone there?”
Someone was there for Jack and someone will be there for you. Right by your side. All the way to where you need to go. Just take the chance and say “Hello.”
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jsmc10 wrote: Thank you for being there to help them out, bless you :)
peacenlove wrote: Thank you for kindmess, thank you for writing about jack and jill and thank you for the lovely allegory you wrote. It is beautiful and true. Have you ever considered becoming a writer? If you haven't you should :)

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