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Extra Special Birthday Kindness For A Deserving Friend

--by monkeyinpajamas, posted Feb 16, 2010

Today was my friend's birthday.  My friend is such a kind and sincere person and he had recently told me about how when he was growing up his parents often forgot his birthday and it just silently passed without candles or hats or parties.  So this year, I decided to make it a special day for him.

I cleaned up his house, including taking out what seemed like weeks of piled up trash.  I then decorated it with candles and flower arrangements. 

I bought some cupcakes which I have seen him drool over but never buy because of his bank balance and cooked him dinner and called some friends.

Finally, I made a banner which read "Thanks for sharing your wisdom, humor, kindness, and compassion!".

This was my chance to make him happy and he was absolutely overjoyed.

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jsmc10 wrote: Aww this is so nice :) my fiance hardly ever got a birthday cake when he was growing up, so now i always make sure that he gets one each year :)
Jim wrote: It is nice to give a person something they did not have in the past. Maybe the person can help someone else or you may get an unexpected gift yourself.
flowergirl wrote: you are such a special freind ,love and peace flowegirl
helpinghand wrote: Very nice way. Thanks for sharing.
God bless both of you.

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