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Yesterday I Went For ...

--by SissyLee, posted Mar 22, 2020
Yesterday I went for a walk on the empty streets and headed for the bakery nearby as they are serving out a window during this pandemic. On my way there, on a hot sidewalk corner, I found a man overdosing. He was emaciated, shaking, and had a bump on his head and was surrounded by lighters.
I did not bring my phone. The bakery called a local street unit called Cahoots to come help him. I went back to wait by the man.
As I waited, another women stopped by in her car and got out to see if she could help. Turns out she had been a patient of mine years ago and now will come back after the pandemic passes. As we stood there, a nurse walked by, not with Cahoots. She took his pulse and asked him various questions. He could say his name but that was it.
Cahoots arrived and he refused help and managed to get up and totter away.
It was such an intense series of connections and care.
I came home and played my harp in the backyard.

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Rajni wrote: Your compassionate heart did a wonderful job, you being a timely instrument in the drama of nature. Nothing in this world happens without a reason. We are grateful to all who help in this process.

Thanks for playing your Harp well on the street with your heart and in your background as well.

You lived by the picture quote as well. Thanks for this very inspiring post.
lt33 wrote: Wow you were there at the right time for that guy thank u for staying with him in his time of need 😉
gardengal10 wrote: So sad that help was refused. I'm glad that your harp could comfort you.
npeden wrote: Lovely to see the caring even if the receiver did not get.
mindyjourney wrote: Thank you for BEing there, my friend, and doing what was needed. Much gratitude to all the others as well 💕. Grateful you have your harp to help soothe and calm you 🎶.
Helenconnell2 wrote: Glad you had some way of recovering x

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