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Kind Week Of Shelter In Place

--by cabbage, posted Apr 22, 2020
There is so much kindness during this time of global suffering. Neighbors looking out for each other, grocery shopping for elders, cooking for our immunocompromised neighbors and friends, people sewing masks for others, folks calling and reaching out to those near and far; We are convening virtual circles, helping students through crises, working harder than ever, giving thanks to nature, breathing fresh air, watching everyone offer their gifts freely and abundantly (meditation, yoga, art, dance, music, theater...all online and free), seeing this as a time of compassion in action.

My main acts these days are:
1. Cooking for other people and dropping off at their door
2. Supporting my colleagues and students after we abruptly transitioned to online teaching. Working extra hard to make resources available for all
3. Playing my flute outside every day (and encouraging neighbors to do the same in a neighborhood-wide daily "music hour")
4. Calling and checking in with friends and family every day
5. Taking daily walks in nature and taking photos of something awe-inspiring (to me) each day and sending those photos to others.
Love you all my KS brothers and sisters. Stay safe and well. Kindness rockstars all :-)
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pluto178 wrote: Its a great time for those about to do exams they have plenty of time for revision x
mindyjourney wrote: So nice to hear from you, my fave veggie 🥬:)))). Thank you for being a positive force through all this! The flute? My daughter in law plays :)))).
michelelpurce wrote: what positivity you have! and wonderful to share with your neighbors and your KS family. :) thank you. :)
Mish wrote: All so loving are your acts, Cabbage. And I love the idea of playing your flute outdoors. Flute music is so soothingly healing. Bless you & stay safe 🙏

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