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A Little Package For Helpers In The Community

--by Jacinda, posted Feb 22, 2010

Recently, Aurelia posted a story on HelpOthers that was about Telephone Book Smiles. I was totally inspired by this! Thanks so much Aurelia for sharing. 

I decided to do something similar.  I looked for good news stories in the local newspaper of people helping others in the community. Last weekend, I made lots of handmade Smile Card poems on lovely coloured card (Smiling is contagious you catch it like the flu.....).  I made little packages and placed the poem, smile card and some chocolates inside to send to these wonderful people who are helping others in their community. I so wanted to make these people's day, but in an anonymous way. I wanted to bring a smile to their faces.

One story in the newspaper was about an 84 year-old woman still volunteering and helping others in the local community. She had been helping in the community for many years. I was so amazed by this and how someone at that age can be positively fully active in the community still at that age and encouraging others to do the same.

Now, whenever I read a positive story of someone helping others in the newspaper I send them one of these little homemade packages. I also pick some names and numbers out of the telephone book at random and send a package to these people too.

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Readers Comments

jsmc10 wrote: Wow, what an amazing idea :)
iferlamb wrote: Cool! I would love to give it a try too!

Thanks for the wonderful idea!

myfbil wrote: Wow! What a wonderful idea. I'm sure it means more than the newspaper article. Way to go!

Have a sunshine day. :)
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: What a great idea! I love it!
Aurelia wrote: That's So Creative! I love it! I am always learning more ways to spread Smiles....Thanks Jacinda! You've made my I'm going to go ahead and steal your idea and Spread some Smile Cards around. :0)
I'm so happy that my little story inspired you.

iferlamb wrote: too neat! I love it. Thanks for sharing. Both of you. ;) Smiles...
FairyBubbles wrote: Wow - that is fantastic - you really are changing the world. With love.
sethi wrote: what a great way , to bring sunshine in another's life .

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