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Food from the Past

--by Brad2, posted May 10, 2020
I found a menu from my old restaurant while cleaning and disinfecting my house. I have decided to cook one dish from my menu everyday, and to offer the extra to families in our neighbrohood. The first dish was a huge pepperoni, green peppers, extra extra cheese, stuffed garlic bread crust was delicious! I went to go do a surprise delivery for a family. Boy, were they ever surprised:). I'm going to make a sheppards pie today, and maybe my deep dish lasagna tomorrow, which is something that my late wife used to love<3. Perhaps more bread for families, too. Be safe everyone and have a wonderful day. Peace to all.
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Mish wrote: Wow, nothing better than food made with Love & shared. You must be a great chef 👨‍🍳, Brad! Bless you.
michelelpurce wrote: oh how awesome! :) i am singing Mr Rogers song right now. Please won't you be my neighbor? :) wonderful! :)
LoveyDovey wrote: Just marvelous, thank you!
mindyjourney wrote: Going through my recipes too :)))) and wished I had more available ingredients :)). Thank you for cooking up all deliciousness to share!
dotmatrix wrote: Oh my goodness I am seriously drooling. That pizza sounds amazing. Do you need a secretary? I will work for food. ♥.

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