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A Bus Ride That Touched My Heart

--by Jacinda, posted Feb 24, 2010

Last night after work, I took the bus home.  Now this bus ride was different then usual. The difference was that people seemed to be helping others at every chance they could!  The bus was filled with people as usual and we took the usual route home. 

There is a blind lady who always gets on the same bus as me. We were just about to leave the bus station when a lady on the bus suddenly noticed that the blind lady wasn't on the bus that day and told the driver.  When we looked out the window, we saw her sitting over in the corner all by herself. One lady passenger jumped off the bus and ran to help and guide this blind lady onto the bus. 

As we were driving along each stop and picking up passengers, a girl in her 20's got on at one stop and asked the bus driver how much the bus ride costed.  We never have the same bus driver and this lady driver told her that it would cost her $3.  She mumbled something about how she had less then $2 and then said, "Don’t worry," and got off the bus and said she would walk.

It would take this girl about 7 or 8 hours to walk to where to she needed to go. As she started walking off, suddenly there were voices of concern in the bus. Everyone was speaking to each other, “Oh no, didn’t she have enough money?” People on the bus were saying that they would happily pay her fare including me.  I was just about to give the driver $3 for her fare, but before anyone could get up and give the lady bus driver any money, she said, “It doesn’t matter even if she didn’t have any money, I wouldn’t let her walk all that way home."  Now usually if someone didn't have the right fare they wouldn't be allowed to get on the bus.  But this bus driver had such kindness within her heart.

The bus driver drove to where the girl was walking in the distance and told her she could get on free of charge. She seemed a little embarrassed, but a smile appeared on her face and she was very thankful.  The bus driver made sure that everyone got home safely including the blind lady.  That bus ride touched my heart because everyone was so kind to each other, to complete strangers.  On my next bus ride I’m going to give a smile card to that lady driver and tip her a little extra. If only I had a smile card on me then, oh well!

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Sylvie wrote: That's a slick answer to a chaellngnig question
jsmc10 wrote: Thank you for being there to help others :)
BT wrote: So beautiful!
Ashlee wrote: I am glad that bus driver did that she is an angel from above!
enchantedchilde wrote: Wow! What a beautiful story! Bless you all. We've all been there, but tend to forget sometimes. What a great ending!
Steen wrote: Thank you for the best story to day, i wish busdrivers in my country,denmark, read this story
lizzieb wrote: Every morning i read your wonderful stories of love and compassion. It makes me so aware of making sure i help or enhance one or more persons during my day. Thank you for enhancing our lives.
Rana wrote: Thank u. U started my day with a smile and love for all.
bummiggity wrote: Thank you for sharing this wonderful story jacinda!
MADY wrote: Iwish god can give us all such good hearts like those people who where on that bus.

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