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The Little Prince Gift

--by olivierchhu, posted May 5, 2020
This story happened last February at my office.

Yesterday at noon, during  lunch, one of my italian co-workers expressed her wish to read The Little Prince (classical French story) in French to practice and improve her French.

This small sentence enlightened my day, and I thought about it the whole afternoon. In the evening, straight after work, I went to look for the book in a bookstore, imagining her reaction when she would discover it on her desk the next morning.

So the next day morning, I woke up more joyful than ever, motivated to arrive earlier at the office, so that nobody could see me leaving the gift.
This small gesture was really rewarding to me. Not only the simple fact of giving the gift (my pleasure, but without expecting anything in return), but also the fact of me putting myself in her place when she would discover the gift laid on her desk (empathy in the positivity), and finally the impact that it could produce on her surroundings all along the day (compassion?).

👉 And you? How will you do to illuminate one's day, today?

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Readers Comments

kvpsummer wrote: What a fun way to brighten someone's day and show them they are heard and seen. Thank you
DeepaB wrote: It is very heartening. Such a pleasant surprise. You are the genie
mindyjourney wrote: A classic story and classic kindness :))). Thank you!
Rajni wrote: It is not about the day only. You never know how much she will get benefited from reading that book. Her enthusiasm will definitely boost her productivity and her attitude of gratitude.

You did a wonderful job of giving surprised gift selflessly. Selfless gift giving is the best way of giving. It earns blessings of God. Thanks for sharing.
DANCE wrote: Lovely
Kmbhai wrote: Helping others always very kindful act.thats gives so much happiness..
petroskryf wrote: Such a charming book. And to gift a special book like this, is very special as well. Thank you 🌺🌸
Mish wrote: Yes, it does feel so joyful doing these kind of gives. I could just feel your joy reading your words, Olivier 👍❤️📚❤️

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