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Homemade Spa for Mom

--by sanaayad, posted May 26, 2020
One day my mom was talking to a friend about how much she would like to relax when she comes home. This gave my sister and me an idea!

Before she got home one day, my sister and I prepared a bubble bath for her. We even made her spa lotion and set up a "sound system" in the bathroom so she could listen to some relaxing music as she soaked herself in the tub.

When she came home from urgent care, she was exhausted. On seeing the "spa", my mom was so surprised by what we did. She really appreciated our kind act and enjoyed her very own personalized spa experience after a long hard day at work.
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bina wrote: Such a thoughtful gesture:)
sanaayad wrote: Glad you liked it. I was inspired by all the other kind acts people have been doing. Thank you to everyone on kind spring for being very inspiring
George wrote: A happy father had a 16 year old daughter. One day, he said to her, "honey, i would really appreciate it if you would remove two words from your speaking vocabulary! One is awesome, and the other is gross! "
"ok, dad," she replied, "what are they? "
Painiacs wrote: How sweet of you!!
drjoybug wrote: Wow. How wonderfully thoughtful
TheBigShelb wrote: Awesome!
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: That is awesome, nice going!

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