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Rural Chef Makes Food For Neighbors and Essential Workers

--by Brad2, posted May 11, 2020
Last night, I made a giant Taco Pizza, or if anyone is familiar with Indian (NDN) Tacos, that is what I made. A giant NDN Taco Pizza with Caesar salad and fed my neighbours and security personnel with it. Boy were they ever surprised. This was a part of my showing appreciation for security that has been keeping my community safe during a lockdown these past two weeks. And just letting others know much I care for them. Breakfast sandwiches in the mornings from the breakfast menu, anything delicious from supper menu to share, free at no cost.

Now considering delivering to others, like health care workers, ambulance, and the police next few days. I've been seeing posts about the chefs in major cities doing this, joined them to feed people here. I haven't been posting as much since it's between me and God and the ones I am feeding. So doing this in secret. Let's keep this between us. (jk) lol. Have a good day! Peace. 
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kalaa wrote: God bless you. Keep up the good work
lindariebel wrote: I'm sending you virtual karmabucks by the million!
kvpsummer wrote: Mums the word. Thank you for your service to these important members of our community
Mish wrote: Hope you are making sure not to overdo, Brad, and are taking care of yourself too. Bless you.🙏
mindyjourney wrote: thank you for feeding the frontline with such delicious offerings!!! Oh, and I do so enjoy a taco pizza :)))
lya348 wrote: Fantastic gift to those who I'm sure truly appreciated it!

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