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Rewarding One Good Deed With Another

--by wayfarer, posted Feb 28, 2010

We were having a mini heat wave yesterday and I was in the supermarket, stocking up on juice and ice-cream. 

Now, I'm not much of a fan of the hot weather and I was enjoying the fact that it was cooler inside than outside, but the lady behind the checkout was suffering. I asked if she was looking forward to getting out in the sun after her shift was finished and she replied that she might not last that long. She was melting! She explained that she shouldn't have been working that day, but she had agreed to cover someone else's shift. Now she wished she hadn't. She felt like she might die!

I paid for the shopping and headed for the exit. Half way there I remembered something I had wanted to get for Julie, so I went back in. On the way to where I wanted to go, I passed a rack of shelves with gadgets on them.

Oh, no! It wasn't, was it?

There on the shelf was a little hand-held electric fan - batteries included - for £2 (about four bucks.)

Hey, why should I? But I firmly believe that good deeds should be rewarded. The checkout lady was suffering because she had done something for someone. Here I had the chance to make sure she didn't regret that.

I paid for my last two items at another checkout. As I walked past the lady I had been talking to I could see her puzzled expression. Hadn't I just left?

"I forgot something," I explained. And I handed her the fan. I didn't hang about for thanks, but I did hear her, "Awww!" and I did see her smile.

And that was enough for me.

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brightstarr wrote: Thats so wonderful for you to have done, we need more people to just reach out and help others with a lift up, you made her shift more bearable and she was happy someone like you came through her line, bless & be blessed.
sllockhart1 wrote: What a great person you are, for thinking of that cashier like you did. I am sure she will always remember you for giving her the fan.
I also think she will forever remember your kindness, toward her, and she will again "pay it forward" just like you did.
Arielle wrote: This is awesome! Thank you. I was inspired to do a similar thing.
josietn wrote: Sweet! :)
moral12 wrote: What a genuinely nice thing you did for this lady. Kudos to you!
Zevelina wrote: Nice. So nice*
luv4all wrote: Why are we shying away when the other person wants to express greatitude. I do the same sometimes, however when out with charity focus folks on charity experiments, i realised they stop, talk for a while and make it a gift with love.

Really liked that. May be we should try this sometimes.

Thanks for sharing.
cpfjuly wrote: That was a heartwarming story. Thanks for sharing. I am glad that you showed the cashier that the good cause she made was rewarded with kindness.

JeanieMarie wrote: You are an inspiration to me, what a lovely thing do to. You are a blessing to us and all you meet. Thank you!
sethi wrote: Thanks for being who you were.

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